The World’s Energy
Transition Marketplace

Making carbon the currency that funds the world’s energy transition while preserving and restoring the world’s natural resources.

Carbon is a Currency

For those seeking to neutralize their carbon footprint, carbon credits offer a way to contribute to the preservation and regeneration of the world’s most precious natural resources, providing countries and companies with an affordable currency that enables them to fund and accelerate energy transition for the betterment of all. We call this regenerative finance (“Re-Fi”)

The Problem:

They are faced with a myriad of “certifying bodies” different “methodologies” and brokers who all make fees and commissions (sometimes between 20 – 50%!) on their projects. Some of these Issuers are in developing countries and need the proceeds to advance their conservation projects and energy transition

Individuals who want to do their part, Corporations who want to act more responsibly, and Governments who need to hit emission reduction targets. They have issues with accessing the credits which are dominated by brokers, they have concerns about the authenticity of the credits (green-washing and double counting), and lack faith that the credit they purchased will do what it claimed it would.

By minimizing the information asymmetry between issuers and buyers, carbon credits can be more efficiently and transparently traded.

Climate Capital Is a Solution

We connect the stakeholders

Unprecedented Access

We believe the Energy Transition should be easily accessible by everybody.

You have a place at Climate Capital if you are:

Somebody who wants to do their part to limit their carbon footprint.

A Company who wants to lead the way in a responsible ESG environment.

A Government that needs to meet emission reduction requirements.

A Conservationist with a Project.

Anyone passionate about the Energy Transition and interested in meeting others in our Network.

What Makes us Different

  • Credits are independently graded by for permanence, additionality, leakage, retirement, and social value add
  • Sort by blue, green, industrial, or country-specific credits to find


Our nature-based carbon initiatives are fully traceable from creation to retirement with blockchain and proprietary AI monitoring technology.

Trusted & Regulated

  • Only list credits that are certified by third parties, including Verra, Plan Vivo, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, REDD+

How it Works

Buying Credits?

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Selling Credits?

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Be Part of the Solution

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Our Story

Carbon Capital emerged from a vision. Barbara Ann Bernard, a trusted advisor in investment banking and asset management, believed that if carbon were a currency, she could apply the lessons she learned about financing companies to financing a country’s energy transition. For carbon to be a currency, it required transparency and digitization, prices needed to be market-based, it required liquidity, and the ability to settle globally, 24/7. For carbon to become currency for climate change, it needed an exchange.

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