Carbon As A Currency

Climate Capital is a centralized carbon credit exchange, allowing credits to be settled globally 24/7 through digitization.

Currently, there is no de facto central exchange for carbon credits. This asset class is not well understood or trusted because of widespread greenwashing and double-counting, resulting in lackluster, inconsistent results for all stakeholders. Additionally, it is a voice-brokered and emerging market, limiting availability and severely impacting potential.

By digitizing carbon credits and placing them on a centralized exchange with a global reach, we are turning credits into currency and making it easier for all stakeholders.

What We Do

About Barbara Ann Bernard

Barbara Ann Bernard is a National Strategic Advisor on Climate ChangeCarbon Credits and the Energy Transition to Tthe Bahamas and a member of the Bretton Woods Climate Finance Project Team. She is also the Founder and CIO of Wincrest Capital Ltd.

Having been raised in The Bahamas, Barbara Ann views the island nation’s energy transition as an opportunity for energy independence, the success of which will serve as a blueprint for other countries facing similar challenges. She believes it will solve balance of payment challenges, reduce debt burdens, and can create the first Green Wealth Fund in the world based on the carbon sequestration properties of its beautiful natural resources.

Barbara Ann began her career as a summer intern for Sir John Templeton in The Bahamas. She went on to pursue a career in finance at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank in London, followed by Holowesko Partners in The Bahamas, before launching Wincrest Capital. She was named “Top 50 Women in Hedge Funds” by Ernst & Young and the Hedge Fund Journal and is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and co-founder of the Variant Perspectives: Women in Investing Conference. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Li Po Chun United World Colleges of Hong Kong.

Barbara Ann Chairs United World Colleges (UWC) Bahamas National Committee and is on the board of the Lyford Cay Foundation.

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