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We focus on forests, mangroves, and infrastructure projects aimed at renewable energy and reducing reliance on extraction fuel sources. 

Carbon credits are a currency you purchase to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. One carbon credit equals one metric ton of carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere. The United Nations Kyoto Protocol established the guiding principles behind this baseline. In the past, markets were flooded with unverified carbon credits, but Climate Capital is committed to changing this. Our advisors work closely with nature-based carbon credit issuers, leveraging AI to monitor their projects to guarantee the authenticity of the credit. We work closely with global carbon project development firms to connect them with opportunities, advancing the journey towards a sustainable future.

Carbon credits range in price depending on various aspects, including the type of project and its location. One credit could cost anywhere between $5 to $50 per metric ton.

All Climate Capital projects are certified by third parties, including Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), CCB, Gold Standard, Multiple, Clean Development, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry, Plan Vivo, ISO-14064, and the Carbon Farming Initiative.

92% of the cost goes directly to the project, and 2% goes to the developer. 8% is applied to Climate Capital’s technology, research, data acquisition, and towards supporting our team. This is much lower than current brokers for Carbon Credits who can charge between 20 – 50%! We are also hands-on with each project, working directly with project developers to ensure transparency. Each project is thoroughly vetted according to several international standards.

We work with large organizations to help them calculate their carbon footprint and purchase carbon credits at scale. We are capable of transacting and exchanging gigatons of high-quality carbon credits to ensure you meet your net-zero mandates.

After purchasing your carbon credits, they are “retired” from our system and no longer available for purchase. Once the sale is verified, they immediately appear on your company or country’s carbon balance sheet.

Absolutely. We delight in connecting projects with financing when developers and organizations share our mission. Please contact us directly to start the conversation.

Climate Capital exchange strives to advance the maturity of the carbon market so that carbon becomes a currency that preserves the world’s natural resources and funds the energy transition.

In the spirit of radical transparency and carbon accountability, we give every carbon credit a rating from 1 – 4 on the criteria we deem material: 1) additionality; 2) permanence; 3) leakage; 4) retirement; and 5) social value add, so that you can sort by the criteria that matter most to you.

Our “buy now” or “bid auction” technology enables the market to decide what a credit is worth. That’s the buyer’s job, not ours.

Climate Capital’s mission is bigger than any one individual’s perception of authenticity or value judgment on a carbon credit. We invite debate—and that is why our credits are priced according to the market’s collective assessment of materiality, authenticity, and trustworthiness. Our job is to help you make an informed decision that best suits your values and needs.

Search our carbon credit projects by blue credits, green credits, infrastructure credits, by country, additionality, permanence, leakage, retirement, and/or social value add.

By digitizing carbon credits and placing them on a centralized exchange with a global reach, we are turning credits into currency and making it easier for all stakeholders.

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